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About Us

Who Are We?

Smooth Migration was created after the directors moved countries (yet again) and were once again faced with the unnecessary challenges that come from a lack of support upon arrival for those not necessarily born in their destination of choice.  Getting your visa is the first step, but once you have it, there are so many “well what do I do next” steps that Smooth Migrations can help you with. 

With our head office in Vancouver, Canada, and a satellite office in London, England, we are currently focused on assisting those moving to Canada, the USA, and the UK. 

What we offer:

We have established a network of local vendors in Canada, the USA, and the UK, who have put together custom packages to meet the unique needs of newcomers in each destination. Whether those challenges be developing a credit history, finding a home, or obtaining insurance, we have created a convenient platform connecting you to many of the products and services we wish had been available to us during our many moves.  Some questions to think about after receiving your visa are; What will you do to open a bank account and establish credit? Will you be requiring a temporary health care package? Is it better to buy or get a lease on a new vehicle?

 Should you buy or rent property?  How can you get a mortgage? 

We work with professionals who understand that newcomers will not have all the resources, or necessarily understand all the legalities and complexities involved at each destination.

A large obstacle to overcome when moving to a new country can be figuring out exactly where to live, as well as whether purchase or renting is the best option for you.  Smooth Migration has access to an ethical, and qualified network of over 82,000 real estate agents around the globe. We connect you with realtors who have experience working with new residents. It is impossible for one person to understand what the requirements and laws are in each destination, which makes our network of locally based agents ideally suited to handle the process for you and understand the unique challenges you are facing as a newcomer.

Our Experience

Our team of global relocation experts are from all over the world, Australia, USA, UK, Italy and South Africa, and Canada.  Our collective personal international moving and travel experience covers over 50 years, 5 continents, and 100 countries. We know first-hand the frustration and uncertainty of establishing yourself in a new country and have made it our mission to ensure that you benefit from our experience. With our combined international backgrounds, experience moving to and establishing ourselves in other countries, we understand that there are unique needs for each move, and for each country.  We have provided you with our partners to provide a platform that connects you with established local vendors that have taken the time to create packages tailored to you, to ensure that you transition and settle into your chosen home smoothly.


We are here for you

Let Smooth Migration take the stress out of your move for you so that your transition to your chosen new home goes smoothly.

We are continuing to work behind the scenes to negotiate with local vendors across the globe to expand our offerings to new destinations.

While you may not find everything that you are looking for under our current services list, we are continually working to expand our partnerships in each destination. Feel free to reach out to us in the contact form to suggest, whether it be a new business registration or perhaps an even a request for a pet groomer, and we will respond accordingly.

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